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How It Works

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Getting Started With The School House Anywhere Pre-K - 6th Grade Homeschool & Micro-School Program.

The TSH Anywhere Curriculum Program ensures Parents and Educators are fully prepared to bring their Pre-K - 6th Grade Learners into a an engaging and exciting homeschool experience where they are prepared academically, emotionally, socially and physically for the world ahead in what is the most crucial time of their young lives, 3-12 years old.

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Homeschool Parent & Child Learning

Step 1

First, you as a Parent or an Educator locate a space where you will gather or would like to gather children for school. Next, we help you set up that space for the best, most beautiful use as children of this development stage need organized, lovely environments with access to the outdoors to optimize learning.

Step 2

Parents and Educators receive The School House Digital Welcome Box & Bi-Weekly Newsletters: your American Emergent Curriculum (AEC) in 6-week sessions and 4 critical books for Educators to read.  You may also purchase the entire Materials Set separately or we will guide through what you can use at home.  

Review your first TSH Anywhere 6 week session! Each six-week session is easy to follow and implement, is child-first and is also written to include standards.

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Homeschool child using droppers for fine motor skills
Step 3

Get ready to finally Homeschool as part of a national community, with the best curriculum in America and Educators here to assist you on your journey.  With your enrollment, you now have access to our TSHA Teaching Library of Films, Coordinating Printable Materials,  Live Support, Webinars, and Links to Explorations, Assignments, Experiments, Trips and Documentary Film Suggestion that are embedded with the AEC. 

The TSH Onboarding Team member will sign you up for launch, payment and our first professional development session as well as email notifications.“

Step 4

Set Up Your Learner's Record Keeping, Portfolio & Plan Your Upcoming Weeks: With your enrollment in TSH Anywhere you now have access to our exclusive TSH record keeping system & lesson access through Transparent Classroom. Transparent Classroom is aligned with the TSH American Emergent Curriculum so be sure to complete the standard TC tutorials once you are given access!

Transparent Classroom Samples
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Step 5

Start Your Learner's TSH Anywhere Journey! Now that you have set up all the key tools & learned about our program you are ready to bring The School House Anywhere Micro-School, Homeschool & Traveler Program to Life! Be sure to review our TSH Films on "Preparing Your Environment" as your first day will set the standard for your exciting and fulfilling home learning journey with The School House schools.

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