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TSH Anywhere  Instructional Films

Browse Samples From Our Library of Nearly 300 TSH Instructional Films (& Growing)!

The full TSH Films Library, plus the linked printable materials, are made available to you after enrollment in The School House Anywhere Micro-School, Homeschool & Traveler Program.

Homeschool Learner using numeral manipulatives to practice counting

The School House created instructional films—with the help of our talented and seasoned Educators—to guide you step by step on each topic in the AEC curriculum. Our aim is to be clear, concise and to model the many joyful and fun ways the AEC can be conveyed to children.  We have broken our films up into mini lessons organized by Learning Level to help you work with your child at their pace.

A handful of sample films are below for you to view.  The full films, as well as hundreds more of them are available with your enrollment in TSHA.

The School House Films (Samples):
Primary Learners Pre-K - K

The School House Films (Samples):
Elementary Learners 1st - 6th Grade