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Empowering Entrepreneurs and Developers to Transform Education

Build your own school (just like we did).

  • Are you passionate about improving education and empowering the next generation?

  • Do you want to start something that contributes to the betterment of society?

  • Do you see the potential for building a school or micro school but lack the expertise in education?

  • Are you seeking a meaningful partnership with educators to drive innovative solutions in education?

The time has come to build a new American school. One that puts children first, politics aside and introduces a curriculum that is innovative, interconnected and inspirational.

The School House & The American Emergent Curriculum is a 501(c)3

“Make learning interesting and you have solved the problem of education.”

It might surprise you to know that no school in America operates with a
curriculum based on evidence of how children learn nor is it interconnected
or aligned with real word applications. Traditional schools also don’t
implement curricula in a way that builds beautiful environments, fosters an
educator culture and institutes thoughtful technology not just screens.
Even Elon Musk played with sticks and spent time outside when he was a
kid. We learn by doing – every entrepreneur knows this.

Building a Micro School in your community or constructing a brick-and-
mortar School in your development or town isn’t any harder than what
you’ve already done in your career. In all 50 states, all that is required is a
small building or section of a building with an outdoor space to get started
(we’ll show you how to make it beautiful and ready for Learners).


See what we built in New York. 

Here's what else you need to know...

What Makes Us Different for Parents & Educators who will Attend The School House when you build it?


The American Emergent Curriculum (AEC) was developed over 12 years by educators and entrepreneurs who didn't want to make money off children (like everyone else) but instead lead change by crafting THE ONLY interconnected curriculum in the United States that also integrated parts of the best methodologies in one program.  Currently used at the best elementary school in the country, the AEC brings hands-on, interactive learning together with standards and pedagogical science.

Each subject is interwoven to provide a comprehensive understanding, fostering critical thinking, creating businesses, cultivating seed-to-market projects, integrating civics and deep understanding of subjects and because we never just teach one thing at a time learning is deeper and layered.  The written curriculum is just one half of it.  Also with The School House Anywhere comes aesthetics, a brand box, professional development for educators and mostly how to craft an ideal learning environment for the actual customer: the child!

As one restauranteur-turned-school-starter said, "This is the most soul-nurturing project I've even embarked upon."  Change your life by giving back and creating a new America school for our nation.

_Front Door at The School House Long Island TDSC_3389.jpg

Fact: You can start your own School in all 50 states! 

You can Micro-School!  A Micro-School is simply a smaller school environment.  It consists of 4-50 children that gather in a place built for them.  A small building or sometimes a large house or room.  Children in mixed ages learn with the American Emergent Curriculum, they interact, build, grow and collaborate in conjunction with 1-4 Educators.  Most Educators start with just themselves and 9-10 Learners, but our experience has been that this quickly grows as more people discover you.  You can also organize and incorporate "specials" that take place as part of your program, as well as field trip days!   A Micro-School lets the Educator take back the process of education, it brings children together in the best possible learning environment and gives Parents the best way to educate their child.  In a year, you’ll be ready to become a licensed school in your state, but this doesn’t need to happen until you need bussing  and other state services.  Remember, the first American school house in 1860 was a Micro-School!  And we can help you every step of the way.  Parents can also start Micro-Schools and hire Educators.  We’re there for you too.

How We Help Our Entrepreneurs
and Developers Succeed.

A complete, integrated curriculum that supports your Micro School or School plus everything else - branding, creating an ideal learning environment and professional development.


Connect with passionate Educators to co-create a successful
Micro School and Schools.


Ongoing training and resources to help you reach every child in need of a new American School.


Access to a network of fellow entrepreneurs, educators, and experts
who share your vision.


The ability to taylor you business model to meet the
unique needs of your community.

The AEC Anywhere Difference
Front Door at The School House Long Island
The School House Logo
What is The School House?

The School House (TSH) — Our Thriving Brick & Mortar School & the American Emergent Curriculum (AEC) have a simple mission — to build the best Pre-K - 6th grade school in the world combining what we know scientifically works in learning with what we love about traditional American schools. Learning becomes engaging, successful, accomplished and multi-dimensional all at once.

TSH_ELEMENTARY II Flowers_DSC_4776_edited.jpg
“To have good prospects in life—to be most likely to succeed—young adults now need to be creative and innovative problem-solvers.”
~Tony Wagner
Curriculum Samples

Implement the School House Curriculum Program & Become a Part of
The School House Community!

The School House Educators trained in partnership with:


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