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Start Your Own Micro-School!  A Revolutionary Program for Educators.

Have you left the American education system or are thinking about leaving?  Are you doing this with a heavy heart because teaching truly is your passion?  The School House was created by Educators and Entrepreneurs who want every town to have the best possible school for Learners from Pre-K  to 6th grade.  In fact, our mission is to create the best elementary school in the nation - and in New York and Florida we’ve done it.  That’s where you come in. 

See a building or a few rooms in your town?  Have Educator friends who are in the same boat?  We will help you start your own school using the American Emergent Curriculum (AEC).  The AEC is written for children to the delight of Educators everywhere.  It includes not just a Curriculum and Additional Instruction, but your Team Culture, Aesthetic, Operations and Community Events along with The School House Social Network.

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The School House & The American Emergent Curriculum is a 501(c)3

“Make learning interesting and you have solved the problem of education.”

What makes The School House Anywhere 
different from EVERY other program:

  • Based on Pedagogical Science.

  • Non-screen based.  See information below.

  • Runs on a School Year so you “attend” with children from across the U.S.

  • Modeled after a brick-and-mortar school.

  • Can be used for Homeschool, Micro-school or Innovative District Schools

  • Uses Proven Methodologies.

  • Interconnected Curriculum based on the most Current Findings in each Subject.

  • Over 300+ Films.

  • Our own Social Network.

  • Curriculum Connected to Standards.

  • Teachers Instruct Parents on Lessons.

  • Transparent Classroom for Detailed Record Keeping.

  • Secular, but with Spiritual tenets of Kindness, Courtesy and Character.

  • Non-profit

  • Child-first

  • Significantly Trained Educators (Masters, State Certification & AMI)

Parents should know that if you are considering an Online Program for 3-12 years of age:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for no screen time at all for children until 18 to 24 months, except for video chatting, and says kids ages 2 to 5 should get an hour or less of screen time per day. It has also developed the Family Media Use Plan for older kids, in which parents and children negotiate limits and boundaries around screen usage.


How It Works:

Step 1

School Yourself

Take a look at the American Emergent Curriculum, read through its pages of stories, lessons and materials - all interconnected and all easy to follow and implement.  Watch films for things that you want to know more about and spend your time creating and focusing on the child instead of being mired in red-tape. 


One of our Board members recently said, “Could you imagine if all these teachers started there own Micro-Schools?”  And that was it, we HAD to make The School House Anywhere a reality for our favorite people.

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Step 2

Find a Space and Create

There are spaces everywhere.  A room, a home, a church building, a whole unused school if you and your colleagues are feeling ambitious!  Find a place that you can rent as you get started and that can be turned into something magical - we’ll help you do this. 


Use the TSHA site to follow our guidelines, use our digital marketing assets, purchase materials and start reaching out to your community.  Start small and watch what happens.  A recent Micro-School started by an Educator went from 2 students to 33 in just a year and it would have been more if she had a larger space!

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Step 3

Enroll Learners

The School House Anywhere will help you every step of the way in sharing this revolutionary curriculum with your community.  From incredibly well-written academic sessions to films and live support to guidance in design, built-out and operations.  Your school can run from 9 am until 1 pm each day or for a full school day depending upon the needs of your community.  Share success with Parents through Transparent Classroom, events, newsletters and our TSH Social Network.

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What Is The School House Anywhere?

We built a school in New York that worked hard to solve all the problems in Education.  We conceived a interconnected 3-year curriculum over the last 10 years.  We’ve harnessed the best Educators in America.  We’ve brought back the idea of community and let go of politics and gossip.  We’ve focused on the child, the science behind how we learn and environment that makes learning happen naturally for children.  And for the thousands of children that have walked through our doors, we’ve proven that Learners can work hard, be kind, excel at standards while enjoying a 1-hour recess, understanding difficult concepts and graduating from elementary learning with a beautiful and confident take on the world.

That’s The School House.  And now, we’re bringing it everywhere with
The School House Anywhere.

How It Works
TSHA Pricing

TSH Anywhere Site Preview

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TSH Success Stories 

I have always believed in living a life of purpose.  I continually hope to leave this world a better place than I entered it, and that my life mattered in some way to those that I crossed paths with during this journey.  This mission led me into a career of law, working with abused and neglected children.  It was the reason I went to law school and I did exactly what I wanted to do with my career.   My whole world changed when I had my daughter.  I suddenly realized how important every decision I made for her was.  As much as I always respected how difficult it was to be a parent, it is not something you can truly fathom until you become one and recognize the responsibility you suddenly have to another human.  

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What Is The AEC ?

An innovative, interconnected curriculum that aligns with standards and is child-first.









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Within Our Curriculum We Value Civics, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Kindness, Executive Functioning, The Natural World and Cultural Explorations From Around The World.

The TSH Anywhere At-Home Learning Program ensures Parents and Educators are fully prepared to bring their Pre-K - 6th Grade Learners into a an engaging and exciting homeschool experience where they are prepared academically, emotionally, socially and physically for the world ahead in what is the most crucial time of their young lives, 3-12 years old.