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AMI (Association Montessori Internationale / USA) Primary Diploma, BA in English (Honors), MA in English, MA in Elementary Education, 9 years of experience as an ELT (English Language Teaching) editor for K-12, experience in providing literacy intervention, currently pursuing AMI Primary Training.

Shweta is a perpetual learner, traveler, and reader, who believes that she has more to learn from children than they from any adult.

Shweta believed that she was content and happy as she obtained her Bachelor’s in English (Honors), Master’s in English, and joined Oxford University Press, India, where she rose through the ranks to Senior Editor of English Language Teaching, K-12. She was designing curriculum, creating textbooks and blended learning tools and platforms. But her experience in the education publishing industry was also helping her reflect on her own childhood and what she wished could have been different. She was struggling to come to terms with the fact that there had been almost no advancement in the education system since she was a child. This realization helped her decide to end her nine years of successful career to pursue a second Master’s, this time in Elementary Education, from University of Rochester, as she hoped that the American schools had much to teach her. As a graduate student, Shweta volunteered as literacy intervention tutor to public elementary school students. She believes that children have taught her more than she could have imagined. And thus, she is here at TSH as she feels that an open and welcoming school that fosters Learners is the best place to find a nurturing environment for both children and adults, and their journey to discover knowledge and themselves.

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