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BA in Media Studies, concentration in Journalism with minors in English and Women’s Gender Studies from Hunter College, MSEd in Early Childhood Education, Certified from Birth to Grade 2, CPR/AED Infant, Child, and Adult Certified, 6+ Years of Educator and Operations Experience.

Natalie enjoys being surrounded by nature and her two fur babies, Fury and Nala. She also loves to bake sweet treats, read historical fiction, and travel abroad.

Natalie has always held aspirations of working in education. She believes that a career in education is one of the most important life choices a person can make in our society. Before Natalie started her career in education, she was chasing leads in the city that never sleeps. Natalie had a passion for both investigative and entertainment journalism, admiring the adrenaline rush that came with chasing stories and creating the perfect headline. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies from Hunter College, she went on to report for a few neighborhood publications in New York City, mainly covering culture and politics. She also had appearances on One America News Network and Deutsche Welle.

While searching for a new position, Natalie stumbled upon an open role at a private preschool… right across the street from her home. Natalie nailed the interview, started that week, and the rest was history! It was the empowering “AHA!” moment children have after realizing their learning potential, pushing past a fixed mindset, that changed her life. Natalie went back to school to obtain her Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and became a Certified Educator from Birth to 2nd Grade. Natalie went on to hold several administrative roles including Site Administrator, Assistant Director, and Head of Operations.

When Natalie discovered The School House, she immediately realized it has a refreshingly unique stance on education. The School House not only empowers learners to have freedom within structure, but the freedom to take control of their own learning. The American Emergent Curriculum invites educators to do what they’re best at… educate without constraint! She was drawn in and knew at that moment, she had found the school culture she has been longing for. As Director of Operations, Natalie is committed to The School House and maintaining its uncompromised excellence for all learners.

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