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AMI (Association Montessori Internationale / USA) Primary Diploma, Primary Diploma in Elementary Education. National University of Cuyo, Argentina. Bilingual Teaching Training (Spanish as a Foreign Language) University of Jaden, Barcelona-Spain. 5 years of experience as an Elementary School Educator in Argentina and +10 years of experience as a Spanish Educator in New York.

Miriam is a passionate teacher who loves teaching and wants to see all the children around her enjoy learning a new language.

Miriam Floridia is a dreamer! She knows that her legacy for the planet will be to prepare children to contribute to a better world using communication as a tool to work towards solutions to any conflict. Miriam obtained her title of Teacher of Elementary Education in Argentina and three years later she moved to New York where she understood that her passion for teaching went far beyond her borders. She prepared herself for this next step at the University of Jadén to teach Spanish as a second language.

Miriam never stopped dreaming and created her own Spanish Program for children and adults, where she teaches much more than a language. She also teaches about her culture and traditions through music and art. For her a language is the key that opens new and different doors and new experiences. Language is much more than a skill, it is a tool that children can use throughout their lifetime.

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