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AMI (Association Montessori international) Primary Diploma, NYS Teacher Certification: Students w/Disabilities (Birth- Second Grade), NYS Teacher Certification: Early Childhood Education (Birth- Second Grade), MA in Education & Child Life Studies, 20 years experience as an Educator.

Lori enjoys cooking, baking, swimming, and bicycling. She especially enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband, two kids, and her dog. Her favorite place to be is on the beach. She considers herself to be a life long learner and strives to instill a love of learning to the children in her care.

Lori always enjoyed working with children and is grateful to have been able to do so in a variety of settings throughout her career. After obtaining her Master’s Degree, Lori worked as a Child Life Specialist in a hospital setting. As a Child Life Specialist, Lori provided therapeutic play and learning activities for children to promote coping and ease the stress and anxiety associated with illness and hospitalization. During this time, Lori’s interest in child development and how children learn deepened. When given the opportunity, Lori eagerly embarked on the journey to become a Montessori trained teacher and enjoyed many years as a Montessori Teacher. As a teacher, Lori also developed an interest in working with children with special needs. Lori, who considers she to be a life long learner, continued her education and worked in the field of Special Education for a few years. While Lori enjoyed her work as a SEIT and Early Intervention Service Provider, she missed being in the classroom. Lori is very happy to be back in the classroom to guide the children on their journey of life long learning.

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