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BS in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from SUNY Cortland, Masters in Special Education from SCSU (Birth-6th Grade)

Kat is a hiker, nature-lover, who loves learning from children and watching them explore the world around them! Kat loves spending time with her puppy, Bean, and understands that the little moments are what makes life worthwhile. She believes we are all lifelong learners and learners should have a positive and safe learning environment.

From a young age, Kat knew she belonged in the education field. Her interests always involved helping and supporting children. In middle school and high school she was a peer mentor for students with disabilities.. Kat received her Bachelors at SUNY Cortland and received her dual certificate in Early Childhood and Child Education. After working for 8 years in a extended year school for students with disabilities, she went for her Masters in Special Education. Continuing and believing in lifelong learning and loving to learn, Kat is seeking a second masters in Literacy. Kat is excited to have the opportunity to nurture, delight and guide each child in an environment where the love of learning grows!

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