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B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan. M.S.W. from Adelphi University.

Juliet is an avid nature and wilderness lover, board sport fan and has been active in animal rescue for decades. She has been to four continents, nearly every state and looks forward to a time when she can take that year-long cruise around the globe. She loves a challenging hike, book, or renovation project - always a strong proponent of testing the limits of both mind and body as a path to spiritual growth.

Juliet has been an Operations Specialist for over 20 years in various industries and settings. Working for companies like the NFL, the Queens D.A. and Keller Williams strengthened both Juliet’s diverse skill set and her opinion that the world is in dire need of better, kinder humans.

When Juliet learned of the mission of the American Emergent Curriculum, she knew there was nowhere she would rather be – in service of Learners, Educators, Parents and the Community.

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