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AMI (Association Montessori International / USA) Diploma 0-3 years Certified, AAS Degree in Business, Continuing Education in Early Childhood Education at Suffolk Community College, CPR Infant/Child and Adult Certified, 27 years’ experience as an Educator. Janice was awarded a Grant through Suffolk AEYC (Association for the Education of Young Children) “Celebrating and Exploring Multicultural Families in our Classroom”

Janice enjoys sewing, furniture refinishing, baking, gardening, painting small projects, an animal lover (except snakes) tends to her backyard chickens, bunny and beagle. She also helps harvest honey from her husband/beekeeper hives. Janice wants to educate children through interactions in nature and as many hands-on experiences as possible.

Janice was born, raised and settled onto Long Island, she is happily married, raised two boys, was very active in the boys Elementary School’s PTA and supportive of their sports all while going back to school for an Early Childhood Education. She worked with 3- and 4-year old’s in a Cooperative Pre-School where she learned that patience is the best virtue an educator can offer a child. At Pre-school there was a great focus on hands-on experiences. Then moving onto a Montessori School educating 18 month – 3-year old for 17 years, she learned that creating and preparing an environment for the children to be successful, providing opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration and problem-solving, imagination, modeling kindness, grace and courtesy will all encourage children to become confident, independent individuals. And now she enjoys spending time with her two Granddaughters.

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