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Learning Subtraction Using Manipulatives - MATH AEC 302


Learning Level: ELEMENTARY ALL 1st - 6th Grades Category: MATH AEC 300 Film: Learning Subtraction Using Manipulatives - Math AEC 302 Description: Mr. Tom shows us how to teach subtraction to your child at home using the small bead frame Montessori material. This video lesson is designed to help with learning subtraction by clarifying position and place value. Through the lesson the child will gain a better understanding of the relationship between different place values using the colored coordinated scheme of the bead frame and the different place values on the side of each set of beads. In the video it will explain how to operate the bead frame as well as introduce the idea of exchanging in subtraction. An example of this would be “we can exchange one ten blue bead for ten green unit beads.

AEC ANYWHERE: American Emergent Curriculum - At Home Learning Program


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