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Pre-K - 6th Grade
One-Stop Homeschool Program

The School House Anywhere Homeschool and Micro-School Program is a revolutionary one-stop homeschool program that combines its easy-to-use dynamic and interdisciplinary Curriculum with over 200 instructional films for parents & educators to learn from, unmatched materials, tracking tools and live support!

The School House & The American Emergent Curriculum is a 501(c)3

The School House Anywhere Homeschool Learner Writing

“Make learning interesting and you have solved the problem of education.”

The School House Anywhere Homeschool Program
How It Works:




I Learn To Teach The Lessons

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TSH How-To Lesson Films (200+), Live Support, Training Sessions, Customized Materials & Easy-to-Use Curriculum

I Teach The Lessons

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Child First, One-on-One In Your TSH Anywhere Prepared Environment... 
You Can Do This!

I Track Their Progress

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Easily Keep Progress Records Through Your Personalized TSHA Reporting System

What Is The School House Anywhere?

The School House Anywhere is an ode to what we want schools to be in America.

The School House Anywhere homeschooling program brings the same aesthetically beautiful, interdisciplinary education that is provided at The School House—a thriving bricks and mortar private school—to every home, community and parent educating a child at the Pre-K to 6th grade level. The American Emergent Curriculum (AEC) was founded on the principles of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Project Based Learning (PBL) and The Socratic Method with an integration of State Standards.

It's the answer we’ve had for over 100 years with pedagogical scientists from all over world.

Make learning interesting and we've solved the problem of education.  Align it to the development stages of the child and we've solved the problem of education.  Make it simple, child-driven and led by passionate, intelligent Educators and we've solved the problem of education.

Your Revolutionary One-Stop Homeschool Program is TSH Anywhere:

The AEC Anywhere Difference

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