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Innovative Schools Can Do This.

Traditional School had a great start.  It was an incredible moment in American history when we decided collectively to educate our citizenry.  Many of you who believe in what you do have been handicapped by bureaucracy and leadership that does not put children first.  But you can change that… even if it was in just one school.  The American Emergent Curriculum (AEC) is written for the child, created by professional Educators and meets standards and so much more.  The AEC is THE operating document for The School House and it encompasses not only what and how we teach subjects to children, but also the Nature World, Project-Based Learning, Kindness, Socratic Seminar and things out of the classroom like Educator Culture, Aesthetics and Events.  No agenda, just good old fashioned schooling for the 21st century!

The School House & The American Emergent Curriculum is a 501(c)3

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“Make learning interesting and you have solved the problem of education.”

The School House Anywhere Homeschool Program
How It Works:

Step 1

Schools purchase the American Emergent Curriculum as well TSH Films. 

Training is available as well as Live Support and Monthly Zoom Meetings with the Principal and Founder to guide implementation and ensure success for your Learners and Educators.

Film of Learners at TSH

Step 2

Contact Us!

Contact Us Directly to Speak with our Director of The School House Anywhere, the Principal of The School House New York or the Founder of The School House.

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Step 3

We'll Show You!

We’ll show you how to connect with Parents as you start your School Year with Learners who are engaged in the best curriculum in the U.S. 

Educators are fully supported with Live Meetings, Film and Monthly Professional Guidance.  This is a dynamic program that stays with you through the process of providing the very best Education.

What Is The School House Anywhere?

We built a school in New York that worked hard to solve all the problems in Education.  We conceived a interconnected 3-year curriculum over the last 10 years.  We’ve harnessed the best Educators in America.  We’ve brought back the idea of community and let go of politics and gossip.  We’ve focused on the child, the science behind how we learn and environment that makes learning happen naturally for children.  And for the 1000 children that have walked through our doors, we’ve proven that Learners can work hard, be kind, excel at standards while enjoying a 1-hour recess, understanding difficult concepts and graduating from elementary learning with a beautiful and confident take on the world.

That’s The School House.  And now, we’re bringing it everywhere with
The School House Anywhere.

The AEC Anywhere Difference

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